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Red & gold dragon WIP

Apologies for the rather blurry picture – today is not a good camera day for me and the tail is just slightly too long for my scanner.

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New GoodnessDirect logo

GoodnessDirect logoOriginally uploaded by Justin Fleming Goodness Direct have decided to change their logo, and they’re asking for consultation. Here’s the proposed new version. It bothers me a lot – garish and plain at the same time, with an odd variant of CMYK without the K. Green: the new black? That’s an interesting idea, but […]

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There’s ink on your face, miss – ink on your face

I was doodling earlier tonight, with a blue gel ink rollerball I’d discovered in my satchel, and started trying to do faces. Normally I’m doing well to get something actually recognizable as some hideously mutated travesty of a person, but I noticed that what I had actually looked half decent. So I scanned it in […]

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Time I got a new camera, I think – the one I’m using, which is the 1.2 megapixel camera built into my phone (a Sharp 770SH) is just fine for pictures of small immobile items, or taking notes, but it’s hopeless in low light levels and doesn’t have much versatility for distances. On the other […]

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