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Gaudy Night play script

I & some friends recently spent a weekend acting some classic murder mysteries for our own entertainment. For various reasons, we needed to produce scripts for them – private use only, so this isn’t a copyright issue – and it would have been a shame not to do our own cover designs with original artwork. […]

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Faux-rosewood finish

I’m rather pleased with this paint job, so I wanted to post a tutorial on how to do it. It’s done on artist’s mountboard (I’m making a display case for jewellery, for me to use when selling my work) but any smooth surface will work. The first thing to do is to paint it black, […]

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Malachite & bronze

Another experiment – I picked up two new colours and a new gloss medium, and wanted to try them all out. The background is Hooker’s Green (System 3), and the metalwork is done using Ara Dark Bronze. This is gorgeous stuff, but it’s a nasty one to clean up – I had to go back […]

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Redemption of materials

Awhile ago, I got handed a couple of free notepads at a promotional event. A good size, and not bad paper – too glossy for sketching with most tools, and not thick enough to paint on normally, though, so they’ve been languishing on the shelf since. And in my paint box I discovered a tube […]

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