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Epoxy jewellery

Here are three of the pieces I was experimenting with at the beginning of February – I’ve been working on them on and off, coat after coat of paint and then varnish, and now they’re sitting on my desk waiting to go to their new owners. They’re all prototypes – I’m happy with the look […]

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Printing over acrylic, pt 2

It looks like the ink transfer from the block to the paper is much more sensitive to bumps in the paper surface than it is to the permeability or otherwise – I prepared a silver-blue background the other day, on black handmade paper with quite a rough texture, and even quite a thick layer of […]

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Pentagram print, & failures

I did this last night, on some faux-parchment paper I had lying around. It’s done with Japanese carving vinyl, and I’m quite pleased with the way most of it turned out – the four styles of interlocking lines distinguish themselves nicely, and I managed to get cutlines where I wanted them and not where I […]

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Red & blue deco panel

Done using acrylic enamels on Daler board. It’s a bit messy in patches, and I hadn’t allowed sufficiently for the simultaneous globbiness and translucency of this particular kind of liquid plastic, so I count it as a technical failure overall. On the other hand, they have a lovely glowing quality, so I’m going to want […]

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