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Paper jewellery

Sounds like a silly idea, but it’s actually a really good material—tough, lightweight, and durable. That black & silver choker is made from Fabriano Tiziano pastel paper, folded & laminated, and then very thoroughly varnished. It ends up very like thin leather, but it’s entirely vegan. (Not all papers are; most art paper uses animal […]

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Roberson liquid metal ink

Permanent acrylic, works well with a dip pen. Much less flow than Daler-Rowney FW, so I can get much thinner, closer lines, and doesn’t separate out—the pigment loading on the paper is much better. This is their dark silver, on DR Murano Holly paper.

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High Cross 1

I had this one sitting on my worktable for quite a while, waiting for me to cut the block after I’d sketched it out, then waiting for me to finish it. After I’d done four prints from it (all that’s printed, rather than painted or drawn, is the black outlining) it took me a while […]

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