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Raffle Prizes

I was asked a while back if I’d donate something to a raffle in aid of Special Effect, who specialise in adapting console and computer controls for physically disabled children and adults – that’s everything from making a 360 controller a bit easier to use, all the way to tailoring eye-tracking software for the otherwise […]

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Blodeuwedd mask

Lleu Llaw Gyffes was cursed by his reluctant mother – he could never have weapons & armour, a bride, or even a name until she gave them to him. His foster-father, Gwydion ap Dôn, tricked her into bestowing the first and the last, but there’s nothing she could do about the second, and frankly that […]

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Lucifer mask

I made this one for a reading of Marlowe’s Dr Faustus. Photo by Nick Metcalfe.

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Unexpected bonus!

Checking the cupboard, I’ve discovered I have a lot more Satirico mask blanks (the half-face masks with long hook-pointed noses) than I thought. I’d had the idea that I was down to one or two unused ones, but no, there are seven here, so I’m quite pleased. And also about to do something creative to […]

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