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Unexpected green glazed tile

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London Rowan

There are half a dozen rowan trees along my road; they’re something I used to see a lot back in Wales, and not a tree you’d expect to find here. I’ve been taking photographs of them over the last year or so, and recently I took one of them—from last February or so—and commenced some […]

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Trafalgar Square, redux

Further to my post on the Fourth Plinth in Trafalgar Square, something else occurred to me when I walked past on my way from Waterloo to Charing Cross Road on Friday – having sculptures which are explicitly designed to be temporary means artists have a much wider choice of materials. Model for a Hotel 2007 […]

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And nightingales sang in Trafalgar Square

More from the Guardian – something else to disagree with from Jonathan Jones, in fact. Trafalgar Square is one of London’s noisy, dirty, congested, wonderful hearts, and there are four plinths surrounding Nelson’s Column. Three are surmounted by statues of a king (George IV) and two generals (Henry Havelock and Sir Charles James Napier), and […]

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Art supplies

I’ve just got back from a visit to Atlantis Art in Whitechapel. It’s really quite an amazing place, and the cheapest source for art materials I’ve found in London – stretched canvases at about half the price London Graphics offer them at, and unprimed 10oz cotton duck canvas from the roll at £4.47 a metre. […]

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Late-night London photography

These are some I took at 3am a few weeks ago. I was waiting for a bus on Waterloo Bridge, turned around, and saw the London Eye through the concrete helter-skelter of the South Bank, so I had to go take some photographs. Most of them turned out uselessly blurry (I’m still getting used to […]

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Oxford Circus near dusk

It’s a good thing there are traffic islands in Oxford Street and Regent Street, because otherwise I’d have had to stand in the middle of the street to take these.

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