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From the Hither Shore

This one was inspired by reading the Silmarillion, and remembering holidays in the islands of Western Scotland. From the southwest tip of Mull, you can look out to sea and see the Atlantic curving away into forever over the shoulder of Iona. I’ve posted some of them in my Etsy shop. The one at the […]

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Hiraeth yr Awen 1

Linocut, roughly 200mm square, posted in my Etsy shop. This was inspired by a conversation with a friend about druidry, and remembering the mountains of Snowdonia where I grew up. It wasn’t originally intended to be a night scene, and it’s turned out a lot smoother and more Art Nouveau than I’d intended – I […]

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Linocut, done directly with the sankakuto without any preliminary drawing. The brown one is Gmund Bierpapier (Boc) – recycled art paper made from beer. How awesome is that? I’ll tell you how awesome it is. It is AWESOME. The white one is, I’m fairly sure, Fabriano Academica. This piece was inspired by one of my […]

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Mixed-media Lammas print

After this, I decided to try printing onto an acrylic-painted surface. It turns out that it works rather well, but takes quite a bit longer to dry – I suspect I can generalize from that to say that the drying time depends on the absorbency of the paper beneath. Here is the result, which is […]

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Lammas prints

Yesterday was Lammas, or Lughnasadh if you prefer. It’s mostly an agrarian holyday, but I was brought up a pastoralist (Welsh hill farming isn’t really so concerned about the grain harvests) so the only aspect that really speaks to me is the sunlight. I started carving the block as the sunlight faded, and was printing […]

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Relief printing with linocut – first attempt

I’ve been playing a little with relief printing, and I’m enjoying it immensely so far. This is my first piece. It’s actually the second impression I took off the first block I made, but since it’s my favourite of the edition (of three) this is what I chose to upload. The paper is Velin Arches, […]

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