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This one was truly horrendous to ink & print from. I ended up cutting away most of the plate rather than simply leaving the raised area, since the sheer size of the open areas means it’s almost impossible to avoid inking the cutlines and then rubbing the paper down onto them. In the end, I […]

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Green & bronze dragon 1

This is another version of the same dragon – I resized a cleaned-up version of the black & white outline I did, printed it out onto some parchment-textured paper I found in my stash, and then inked it. Literally inked, that is – the green & red are calligraphy ink, applied with a pen, but […]

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Gandalf’s Dragon – ink-only version

This is the first stage of an attempt to illustrate the firework dragon Gandalf conjures for Bilbo’s Party at the beginning of The Fellowship of the Ring. I was inspired by these posts on Tor.com, where Kate Nepveu is blogging her Lord of the Rings re-read. I’m going to colour it, but I wanted to […]

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Knotwork, interlace, & illumination

Interlace art in sculpture (5Mb pdf) Wikipedia on Insular art – the fusion of Viking/Celtic knotwork, Germanic animal-style, and Christianity. I need to try some of this. Specifically, something like this…

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