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Christmas cards

Here are three of 2012′s Christmas card designs! They (and a few others) will be on my stall at the Lionheart Market in Leytonstone on Saturday 1st December and Saturday 15th December, along with jewellery, artwork, and Christmas tree decorations.

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Gaudy Night play script

I & some friends recently spent a weekend acting some classic murder mysteries for our own entertainment. For various reasons, we needed to produce scripts for them – private use only, so this isn’t a copyright issue – and it would have been a shame not to do our own cover designs with original artwork. […]

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Laser cutter designs

This is a sign I made for craft fairs—it’s a nice heavy block of reclaimed hardwood, thick enough to stand up on its own, and it proved very eye-catching indeed. Commercial laser-cutting is very expensive (I’ve been quoted £1 a minute) but London Hackspace own their own laser-cutter, and £3 an hour covers maintenance, electricity, […]

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2010 Christmas (and Hanukkah) cards

It’s September, and therefore high time for are-people-talking-about-Christmas-already?-bah-humbug season. I make & sell Christmas cards, and can happily supply you with some to send to your friends, relatives, coworkers, archenemies, or complete strangers, at the bargain rate of £1 per card, or 20 for £18 plus p&p (from the UK, if you’re not) if I […]

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Note to self:

Do not attempt to print anything out from Gimp. It Does Not Work very well. Render it to PDF first.

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Printer problems

Note to self: my printer (HP Photosmart 2570) just cannot handle newsprint. It’s fine with much thicker card than I’d originally expected (basically, if it’ll curve and relax, it’ll go through) but newsprint’s too flimsy and jams about half the time.

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Playing around with prints

Digital manipulation using the Gimp. Moderately tedious, but it’s a good meditation.

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