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Fair Maid on the Shore

My partner, Elly Hadaway, is a folk musician, and I’ve just helped them record, produce, and release a single. You can buy digital or physical copies at Bandcamp, and I’ll talk a bit about the design aspects after the jump.

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Christmas cards

Here are three of 2012′s Christmas card designs! They (and a few others) will be on my stall at the Lionheart Market in Leytonstone on Saturday 1st December and Saturday 15th December, along with jewellery, artwork, and Christmas tree decorations.

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Gaudy Night play script

I & some friends recently spent a weekend acting some classic murder mysteries for our own entertainment. For various reasons, we needed to produce scripts for them – private use only, so this isn’t a copyright issue – and it would have been a shame not to do our own cover designs with original artwork. […]

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Transforming Spaces

I went to this conference on Saturday, at Firstsite in Colchester – it was a really good, inspiring day. Since a lot of you won’t be familiar with the empty shops movement, here’s a short executive summary. There are a lot of disused commercial & retail spaces in the UK, and that’s only set to […]

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Laser cutter designs

This is a sign I made for craft fairs—it’s a nice heavy block of reclaimed hardwood, thick enough to stand up on its own, and it proved very eye-catching indeed. Commercial laser-cutting is very expensive (I’ve been quoted £1 a minute) but London Hackspace own their own laser-cutter, and £3 an hour covers maintenance, electricity, […]

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Paper jewellery

Sounds like a silly idea, but it’s actually a really good material—tough, lightweight, and durable. That black & silver choker is made from Fabriano Tiziano pastel paper, folded & laminated, and then very thoroughly varnished. It ends up very like thin leather, but it’s entirely vegan. (Not all papers are; most art paper uses animal […]

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Hiraeth yr Awen 1

Linocut, roughly 200mm square, posted in my Etsy shop. This was inspired by a conversation with a friend about druidry, and remembering the mountains of Snowdonia where I grew up. It wasn’t originally intended to be a night scene, and it’s turned out a lot smoother and more Art Nouveau than I’d intended – I […]

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New gallery pictures

I’ve put some more pictures up in the gallery, after the lovely Pern was kind enough to model some bits and pieces I had lying around. Comments on them are very welcome, especially suggestions for other things to make or to do designs on.

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A rebrand from the burning

This evening, Liz showed me this article about the redesign of the internal communications in Friends House, and for the Quakers generally – helping them speak with one image, one voice, one visual vocabulary. Not only is it a really nice style, but the agency – Hoop Associates – went about it very sensitively and […]

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