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Fair Maid on the Shore

My partner, Elly Hadaway, is a folk musician, and I’ve just helped them record, produce, and release a single. You can buy digital or physical copies at Bandcamp, and I’ll talk a bit about the design aspects after the jump.

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Experiments in Cabinetry

Two drawers, each 45x95x25mm internal diameter, in a sturdy case. All made from the same layered-painted-and-varnished paper I use for jewellery.

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Blocking contactless payment – or, make your bank card a tinfoil hat

Contactless payment cards, touch-for-access ID cards, and prepay travelcards all use the same technology – RFID. This is great in principle, but it means that you can’t keep more than one of them together without either confusing the readers, or accidentally using the wrong one. I wanted to be able to touch my wallet on […]

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Valentine’s Day

I’m not a fan of the consumption-and-expectation culture, nor of the idea that love is best expressed by garish red heart-shaped dustcatchers from a High Street shop. But there are a lot of other ways to express love, and even when I don’t mark a celebration myself it’s a very rewarding thing to help others […]

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Lighting next week

Next week, I’m lighting “Dinner”, by Moira Buffini, at the Network Theatre underneath Waterloo Station in London. That’s Tuesday 16th October to Friday 19th October – doors open at 19:00 for 19:30, and tickets are £11 from Ticketsource. Click here to download the flyer in PDF. The lighting won’t be anything particularly fancy, but then […]

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Design & Branding

A couple of extremely talented musician friends asked me to do some graphic design & branding for them recently – here’s the results. “Her Name Means Wolf is a music project by singer Claudia “Clouds” Guastella which draws many of its influence from British Isles folk. New videos around once a week, or whenever Clouds […]

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Faux-rosewood finish

I’m rather pleased with this paint job, so I wanted to post a tutorial on how to do it. It’s done on artist’s mountboard (I’m making a display case for jewellery, for me to use when selling my work) but any smooth surface will work. The first thing to do is to paint it black, […]

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Transforming Spaces

I went to this conference on Saturday, at Firstsite in Colchester – it was a really good, inspiring day. Since a lot of you won’t be familiar with the empty shops movement, here’s a short executive summary. There are a lot of disused commercial & retail spaces in the UK, and that’s only set to […]

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The myth of farming

I’ve seen a quotation go around Twitter lately: “Liberals think the poor need jobs, when really the poor need to not need jobs: but land, skills & tools to provide their own necessities.” (via) It’s attractive on the face of it (who doesn’t want a cottage, a garden, a pig, and a workshop?), but when […]

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A (short & incomplete) pragmatics of feminism

Problem: the world is largely run by muppets. Observation: the world is largely run by privileged straight cis men (SCM). [Disclaimer: this also includes race, class, disability, &c. issues. Intersectionality applies, so ticking one box doesn't give you a free pass on the rest.] Observation: there are many fewer SCM than there are of Everyone […]

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