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Destruct testing, tool making, and jewellery

I’d been wondering where this was for a month or so, and it turned out it had been in an inner pocket of my belt pouch all along, with the leather cord wrapped around it. The continual pressure (and probably the warmth) has pulled off a little of the paint, but that’s all. I’m fairly […]

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A (short & incomplete) pragmatics of feminism

Problem: the world is largely run by muppets. Observation: the world is largely run by privileged straight cis men (SCM). [Disclaimer: this also includes race, class, disability, &c. issues. Intersectionality applies, so ticking one box doesn't give you a free pass on the rest.] Observation: there are many fewer SCM than there are of Everyone […]

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Nabod y Cartref

Who made me? – well you should ask. It’s now you’re asking, years later after the rain and the wind. Not them – they’ve been going round, talked about wholesale replacement, gone back inside. Wasn’t him – he came to write, never touched a mallet or the fencing pliers, left in the winter. Who remembers […]

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