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Truth and Beauty – The Future We Deserve, Part 3

Or, Heuristics for History. You know the drill; italics are my own editorial comments or summaries. Everything else is Vinay Gupta’s, and he wishes me to say that he likes being contradicted and argued with. From the last couple of talks in this series: we understand the system and its limitations. Now, what can we […]

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Some notes towards a new money

After a conversation with Eleanor Saitta at Truth and Beauty. First: why? Well, it’s because the money we have is clearly inadequate. It embodies too many perverse incentives: specifically, it engenders a desire to hoard it rather than to use it; it provides too easy a metric for point-scoring, and easy metrics become ends in […]

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Truth and Beauty – Jamais Cascio on Geoengineering

Or, Hacking the Planet Without Voiding the Warranty. Ed. note—I keep these notes mostly because I’m an artist, and if I don’t have a tool in my hands then I can’t apply half my brain. But it would be a shame not to post them now they exist. I don’t make any claims about comprehensiveness […]

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Truth and Beauty – The Future We Deserve, Part 2

Or, Why won’t somebody act? As before, italics indicate my own interpolations and editorial asides. Everything else is Vinay Gupta, though I’ve rephrased or summarized here & there. Governance comes in three necessary & inevitable parts: ownership, management, and protection. Owners fund, maintain, & legitimize; managers do the work to keep it going; protectors remove […]

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Update & announcement

I’ve been offered an exhibition at Slate in Leytonstone, a display venue for local artists using the windows of the closed council offices on the corner of Church Lane and Leytonstone High Road. That starts on December 17th and runs for six weeks, and I’ll be showing some of everything! Since I haven’t posted recently […]

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Truth and Beauty – The Future We Deserve, Part 1

Here’s my notes from Vinay Gupta’s talk on “The Future We Deserve”, part 1 of a 3-week series. I may well have mis-summarized some of it, but the podcast’s available here (mp3), and others who were there are entirely encouraged to correct me. Diversity count: 23 people, 5 of whom presented as female, 6 of […]

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