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Brigid’s Cross print

As promised! This was the first one I pulled from the block, done on Daler-Rowney Canford paper with a (cheap) baren. The ones I did with a spoon are still drying, since there’s so much more ink on them (in them, in fact) so I can’t post a comparison picture yet.

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Rather good fanart

Found while wandering the internet in search of SFnal livejournal icons – Minerva McGonagall, in the style of Aubrey Beardsley.

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Barens and spoons

I’ve just taken half a dozen prints from the Brigid’s Cross block I posted about before, since I finally finished carving it tonight. It’s always an amazing feeling to peel off the first print and see the results – once it translates itself from vinyl & wet ink to paper (and reverses itself in the […]

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The Farce of Sodom

Everything went well; we had a capacity crowd (in fact, some people who wanted tickets were disappointed) and plenty of enthusiastic volunteers to read. Note to self: be more thorough about working out timings next time. Still, spending more time than expected in the pub with theatre types is always good, and the unexpected folk […]

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Let’s see if this is going to the right place.

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Printer problems

Note to self: my printer (HP Photosmart 2570) just cannot handle newsprint. It’s fine with much thicker card than I’d originally expected (basically, if it’ll curve and relax, it’ll go through) but newsprint’s too flimsy and jams about half the time.

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Server move

I’ll be moving servers fairly soon; if all goes well, nothing should go noticeably wrong, or even noticeably anything.

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Tove Jansson’s Hobbit

The illustrations are online here. (That link goes to the title page; there are a lot of others in the linked gallery.)

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White acrylic ink

There’s something special about using white ink – I’m not quite sure what it is, but it’s there. This particular ink – Daler-Rowney FW – works well on leather, which is why I originally picked it up, but of course it’s ideal for black paper too. (And much less cliched than using silver ink.) This […]

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Sodom, or the Quintessence of Debauchery

Theatre, and not particularly related to the visual arts, but I want to talk about it anyway and make the script public. On the evening of the 26th of March, I’m running a play reading in Westminster Arts Reference Library – originally scheduled as part of LGBT History Month, but various exigencies meant we had […]

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