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This to That – glues

Which glue to use is always a tricky problem. This to That will not only tell you which one works for a particular purpose, but why, and how to use it. It’s US-centric, but a lot of products cross over, and a bit of poking around will always find you a UK equivalent.

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Piet Mondrian

Generally, when we think of Mondrian, we think of something like this – (Rhythm of Black Lines, c. 1935-42) I’d had absolutely no idea that his early work was so different, and yet so similar. If you look at the brushwork and the patterns in this one (Gray Tree, 1911) – – then there are […]

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Cartouche network

I did this as a substrate for mixed-media pieces – specifically, I wanted one to put on the cover of my laptop. It’s done from katsura onto some rather nice Indian paper (this piece has cornflower petals – I also did plain white, grey, and medium grey-blue, and haven’t decided which I’ll use yet) without […]

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