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Playing around with prints

Digital manipulation using the Gimp. Moderately tedious, but it’s a good meditation.

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Second woodcut

For this one, I decided to try cutting out areas to leave a raised line, instead of gouging out the lines of the design as before. It’s harder work, but a lot of fun, and I can see it gives more opportunity to use the wood’s nature.

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Printmaking – woodblock experiment 1

Lessons learned from this one – firstly, that printing from wood really isn’t the same as printing from lino. Having a solid block rather than a flexible piece of lino to work on is good, but it also leaves me open to edge effects. I also need to use quite a bit more ink than […]

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Relief printing with linocut – first attempt

I’ve been playing a little with relief printing, and I’m enjoying it immensely so far. This is my first piece. It’s actually the second impression I took off the first block I made, but since it’s my favourite of the edition (of three) this is what I chose to upload. The paper is Velin Arches, […]

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Blood on Paper at the V&A

The V&A exists specifically to own interesting stuff, and to explain why it’s interesting. They’re generally very, very good at it. So when I saw on a visit there that they would be putting on an exhibition on the Art of the Book, I was really keen to go and see it. I failed to […]

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