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Art supplies

I’ve just got back from a visit to Atlantis Art in Whitechapel. It’s really quite an amazing place, and the cheapest source for art materials I’ve found in London – stretched canvases at about half the price London Graphics offer them at, and unprimed 10oz cotton duck canvas from the roll at £4.47 a metre. […]

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Late-night London photography

These are some I took at 3am a few weeks ago. I was waiting for a bus on Waterloo Bridge, turned around, and saw the London Eye through the concrete helter-skelter of the South Bank, so I had to go take some photographs. Most of them turned out uselessly blurry (I’m still getting used to […]

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Reflections on the life of Arthur C. Clarke

I was brought up on his work, alongside Asimov and Harrison, and I wouldn’t have missed out the attitude he gave us, We can do anything – we can be anything – the future is not to be feared, for all my hopes of resurrection and eternal life amid the stars. I want to highlight […]

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Gold & ultramarine

I’m normally reluctant to varnish things, but this seems to have worked out. [Edited and recreated, because I accidentally overwrote it with the text of another post.]

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I picked up two rather good folkish albums recently, and wanted to pimp them out a bit.The first is Bellowhead’s new album. It’s called Burlesque, but apart from the cover picture I don’t really see the connection. It’s based on traditional English folk, with some rock influence and brass, but it’s also good happy noisy […]

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As has been seen in various fine establishments around the Internet, Tor Books are launching a new website devoted to Science Fiction, Science Fiction Fandom, and Thynges of Interest to Science Fiction Fans. Which, of course, consists of Nearly Everything. There will be a very decent helping of free non-DRM’d content, and in fact they’re […]

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Red & blue deco panel

Done using acrylic enamels on Daler board. It’s a bit messy in patches, and I hadn’t allowed sufficiently for the simultaneous globbiness and translucency of this particular kind of liquid plastic, so I count it as a technical failure overall. On the other hand, they have a lovely glowing quality, so I’m going to want […]

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Oxford Circus near dusk

It’s a good thing there are traffic islands in Oxford Street and Regent Street, because otherwise I’d have had to stand in the middle of the street to take these.

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